The MIMOProxyActions contract can be seen as an extension of the MIMOProxy. It adds 2 main functionalities :

  • The ability for a MIMOProxy owner to transfer native tokens (ETH for example) back to his address through the withdrawETH() function.

  • The ability to chain calls within a single transaction through the multicall() function.

These functions have been outsourced to an action contract in order to reduce the deployments costs of the MIMOProxy.


Sends ETH back to owner of the MIMOProxy.

Requirements :

  • Caller must be the MIMOProxy owner

multicall(address[] calldata targets, bytes[] calldata data)

Call multiple functions and returns the data from all of them if they all succeed.

Requirements :

  • Must be called through the MIMOProxy execute() function

  • Targets must all be contracts not EOA

  • targets length must be the same as data length

Param NameTypeDescription



Address array of all contracts to call



Bytes array of encoded function data for each target call

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