Security & Audits

Who holds your tokens ?

All funds are controlled by the users and his non-custodial wallet that deposit them. The Parallel Protocol does not have control over your funds or PAR/paUSD debt and are governed by smart contracts.

Has the project been audited ?

The Parallel Protocol smart contracts has been audited by Quantstamp. You can find the security certificate here.

As we add more features, we will get those audited as well. Please note that many auditing firms have a waitlist at the moment.

How is Parallel different from algorithmic (algo) stablecoins ?

PAR/paUSD's value is backed by overcollateralized vaults of accepted tokens. This means that all PAR/paUSD is always backed by more value than it is worth, unlike under-collateralized algorithmic stable. The Parallel Protocol does not rely on an algorithm to manage the stablecoin’s peg. The peg is maintained through organic market incentives and penalties. Read more about how the peg is maintained here.

Is Parallel Protocol Open source ?

Yes, you can find the GitHub here.

Developers can access the Developer documentation for a technical description of the Parallel decentralized protocol. For a detailed Risk analysis, please visit the risk framework.

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