Governance process

The Parallel protocol is controlled by MIMO token holders who vote on off-chain proposals (on Parallel snapshot) that govern the ecosystem. Proposals that generate a majority support (>50% of the votes and reach the quorum) are executed by the DAO Multisig.

Governance Proposals Process

The steps for a successful governance proposal are:

  1. Create a proposal by using the proposal framework to share on the forum and exchange with the community.

  2. Exchange with the community for a minimum of 2 days on the forum then update to proposal if it is needed.

  3. Post the proposal on the Mimo snapshot by following the Proposal Framework.

If successful, the proposal payload will be executed and implemented by the DAO Multisig.

A step by step guide for submitting a new asset listing can be found here.

DAO Discussion

Discussion regarding changes in the protocol happen on the following channels:

Following and participating in the various governance discussions is as important for you as it is for the protocol, we need to gather your opinions to best meet the needs of users and the protocol.

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