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DAO Treasury


To support the growth of the Parallel Protocol a protocol treasury has been set up, funded by the fees generated by the protocol.
Below are the addresses of the DAO Treasury:


Initiated by MGP-12 and updated with MGP-15 a strategy treasury has been implemented by Parallel DAO. The strategy is performed by the DAO Multisig.


Treasury Strategy Flywheel


  • Every 4 months, claim ETH rewards from sePSP2 staking
  • Every 4 months, swap ETH for AURA tokens Every 4 months, claim auraBAL from vlAURA locking
  • Every 4 months, swap claimed auraBAL for AURA
  • Every 4 months, claim APW from sdAPW staking → Deposit and stake them for sdAPW
  • Every month, bridge accumulated PAR to Polygon
  • Every month, bridge accumulated paUSD to Polygon
  • Every 4 months, lock AURA tokens and relock current vlAURA


  • Every month, swap accumulated paUSD and PAR to get a 50/50 split in $ equivalent
  • Every month, Deposit and stake PAR in the p-cs-kp-eur on Aura
  • Every month, deposit and stake paUSD (20%) with MIMO (80%) in the MIMO/p-cs-kp-usd on Aura
  • Every 4 months, claim BAL and AURA tokens from the p-cs-kp-eur
  • Every 4 months, claim BAL and AURA tokens from the MIMO/p-cs-kp-usd
  • Every 4 months, swap claimed BAL for WETH
  • Every 4 months, bridge WETH to Ethereum
  • Every 4 months, bridge claimed AURA to Ethereum