Provide PAR-jEUR liquidity on Balancer (Polygon PoS)

What is Balancer ?

Balancer is a decentralized financial network that seeks to provide liquidity to small- and micro-cap coins and returns for liquidity providers. Pools

Balancer has several types of pools, check them out here, the PAR/jEUR is a composable stable.

Provide Liquidity on Balancer

You can deposit your $PAR and/or $jEUR over here.

Once Liquidity deposited, you will receive BPT (Balancer Pool Token) corresponding to your pool deposit, which is the proof of your deposit on Balancer.

Stake your 2EUR BPT on Aura Finance

Now, you just need to stake your 2eur BPT on Aura Finance to earn boosted yield (paid in $BAL and $AURA).

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