DAO Multisig

Parallel can only be decentralized if a single actor doesn’t have the control over any aspect of the protocol. The creation of a DAO multisig is the beginning of this transition.
The DAO multisig will control several functions of the protocol including the treasury, protocol parameters and the blog. The DAO multisig will require 5/8 signatures to execute a transaction.
With 4 Mimo Labs team members, the team can’t take control of the protocol.


Ethereum multisig : link
Polygon multisig : link
Fantom multisig : link

Who participates in the multisig ?

A first discussion was posted on the governance forum and was followed by a vote on Snapshot.
The goal of this proposal is to elect 4 members that will manage with 4 Mimo Labs team members the DAO multisig including treasury, protocol parameters and the blog.
The first team of the multisig has been elected for 6 months. New members will be able to enter if current members do not respect the conditions previously mentioned in the proposal.
Find out the DAO Multisig Election here.