Mimo Integration Request (MIR)

New Asset Listing

The Parallel protocol can support many different assets in many different markets. Each market operates as a segregated risk pool, with the addition of each new asset influencing the overall risk of that particular market.

  • The increased insolvency risk of the market it is listed in.

  • The potential to expose the market it is listed in to a single point of failure.

  • The risks associated with collateral currencies.

  • The benefits of protocol/market diversification.

1. Proposing the asset via the MIR process

As with all governance upgrades, MIR Template is recommended.

Project Presentation: (After summary)

  • Protocol name

  • Token requested

  • Token contract address

  • Audit(s) links

  • Chain requested: Ethereum/Polygon/Fantom

  • Relation to the project

  • Twitter/Discord/Telegram links

Token metrics: (After project presentation)

Risk assessment:

  • Smart Contract risk: maturity, transactions

  • Counterparty risk: holders, permission

  • Market Risk: market cap, average volume, normalized volatility

  • Use the methodology

  • Community size on Twitter/Discord/Telegram

Community sentiment poll: (After voting options)

  • A poll on the governance forum post to get a first sentiment at least 48hours before submitting a snapshot proposal

2. Submission of proposal

The proposal can now be submitted on Snapshot, including all the information from the above steps.

Considering that the integrations proposals can happen quite often and that the risk for the protocol is lower than other proposal types, we could consider the following parameters:

  • Admin: DAO Multisig

  • Quorum: 0.1% of the total supply (1M vMIMO)

  • Voting Duration: 3 days

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