What is MIMO (Governance Token) ?

MIMO is the token associated with the MIMO DAO.
MIMO governance tokens are distributed to users of the protocol for creating PAR through borrowing and for providing liquidity in AMM pools.
MIMO is a DAO-governed protocol. Changes are made through proposals and voted by holders of the governance token (MIMO).
Token symbol: MIMO - Token contract (Ethereum): 0x90b831fa3bebf58e9744a14d638e25b4ee06f9bc - Token contract (Polygon): 0xADAC33f543267c4D59a8c299cF804c303BC3e4aC - Token contract (Fantom): 0x1D1764F04DE29da6b90ffBef372D1A45596C4855 Max Supply: 1,000,000,000 MIMO
You can stake & lock MIMO for vMIMO by following this guide.


MIMO distribution is managed by the MIMODistributor contract, which mints MIMO tokens according to a supply curve that reduces the amount of new MIMO tokens every week.
Liquidity mining rewards are used to incentivize users for creating PAR and supplying PAR and MIMO liquidity.


According to the last proposal "Mimo Distribution v2", the allocation is done as follows :
Weekly Issuance
Weekly Reduction

Issuance Parameters

In the first week, 55.5m MIMO will be issued. Then, the amounts issued in subsequent weeks are calculated as:
WeeklyIssuance=55.5m0.9445weekWeekly Issuance = 55.5m * 0.9445^{week}
This guarantees that there will never be more than 1,000,000,000 MIMO tokens.

Issuance Overview

We have produced a general overview of the supply over time by incorporating the weekly reduction of the inflation as well as the supply generated by the TenX and PAY token holder claim that started the 9 April 2021 and ended the 1st April 2022.
"Community" mean Farming through : - Liquidity Providing - PAR staking - PAR minting