What is MIMO (Governance Token) ?

MIMO governance tokens are distributed to users of the protocol for providing liquidity in AMM pools.

Parallel is a DAO-governed protocol. Changes are made through proposals and voted by holders of the governance token (MIMO).

Token symbol: MIMO - Token contract (Ethereum): 0x90b831fa3bebf58e9744a14d638e25b4ee06f9bc - Token contract (Polygon): 0xADAC33f543267c4D59a8c299cF804c303BC3e4aC - Token contract (Fantom): 0x1D1764F04DE29da6b90ffBef372D1A45596C4855 Max Supply: 1,000,000,000 MIMO

You can stake & lock MIMO for vMIMO by following this guide.

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