Provide PAR-USDC liquidity on Arrakis (Polygon PoS)

What is Arrakis finance ?

Built on Uniswap V3, Arrakis deploys best-in-class automated liquidity management strategies that create deep liquidity.

Provide Liquidity on Arrakis

You can deposit your $PAR and $USDC at 50-50% respectively over here.

Provide Liquidity on Arrakis

Once Liquidity deposited, you will receive G-UNI corresponding to your pool deposit, which is the proof of your deposit on Curve.

Stake your Curve Factory Pool Token (PARUSDC-f)

Now, you simply just need to stake your PARUSDC-f on the MIMO mining page (in the Liquidity Providing section) and receive Liquidity Mining paid in MIMO.

Get rewarded

Just go to the MIMO mining page and press "claim MIMO Tokens".

Don't forget that you can stake & lock your MIMO for vMIMO by following this guide to obtain voting power on the protocol.

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