Provide PAR-USDC liquidity on Curve (Fantom)

What is Curve ?

Curve is a decentralized automated market maker launched in January 2020 with the aim to have an on-chain forex by using concentrated liquidity ranges. The V1 of Curve only allows users to create pools with pegged assets but in June 2021. Curve launched V2 Pools which allow users to have concentrated liquidity on non-pegged assets on Fantom. According to DefiLlama, Curve is now the DEX with the highest TVL in the DeFi ecosystem and a lot of protocols are currently moving pools to Curve.

Provide Liquidity on Curve

You can deposit your $PAR and $USDC at 50-50% respectively over here.
Provide PAR-USDC Liquidty on Curve

Stake your Curve LP token (PARUSDC-f LP)

Now, you just need to stake your PARUSDC-f LP on the MIMO mining page (in the Liquidity Providing section) and receive Liquidity Mining paid in MIMO.
Stake PARUSDC-f LP on Mimo

Get rewarded

Just go to the MIMO mining page and press "claim MIMO Tokens".
Claim MIMO rewards
Don't forget that you can stake & lock your MIMO for vMIMO by following this guide to obtain voting power on the protocol.