Provide paUSD-wUSK-USDC liquidity on Balancer (Ethereum)

What is Balancer ?

Balancer is a decentralized financial network that seeks to provide liquidity to small- and micro-cap coins and returns for liquidity providers.

Balancer has several types of pools, check them out here, the paUSD/USDC/wUSK is a stable composable.

Provide Liquidity on Balancer

You can deposit your $paUSD and/or $wUSK and/or $USDC over here.

Once Liquidity deposited, you will receive BPT (Balancer Pool Token) corresponding to your pool deposit, which is the proof of your deposit on Balancer.

Stake your e-ck-kp-usd BPT on Aura Finance

Now, you just need to stake your e-cs-kp-usd BPT on Aura Finance to earn boosted yield (paid in $BAL and $AURA).

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