Where can I get MIMO?

By Mining MIMO

MIMO rewards are distributed to incentivize users of the protocol and allow users to stake & lock MIMO to obtain vMIMO Voting Power and participate in governance.

1. PAR minting

By minting PAR against collateral, you will earn MIMO based on the value you borrow.
You can learn how to mint PAR here.

2. Staking PAR

By staking PAR, you will earn MIMO and PAR based on the value you have staked.
You can learn how to stake PAR here.

3. Providing Liquidity

By providing PAR/USDC and MIMO/PAR liquidity, you will earn MIMO based on the value you have provided.
You can find how to provide liquidity here.

By Swapping on a DEX (aggregator)

You can get MIMO through DEX or DEX aggregators like Paraswap or 1inch which are interesting to find the best route to get the best exchange rate.
Swap on Paraswap​​​
Swap on LiFi
Swap on DefiLlama
Swap on deSwap
Swap on 1inch

By buying on a CEX

You can also find MIMO on centralized exchanges like Bittrex, HitBtc, Liquid or Swissborg.
Buy on Bittrex
Buy on HitBTC
Buy on Liquid - Euro Support
Buy on Swissborg - Euro Support